Thank you for inquiring about the HITACHI PROJECTORS.  If you your church or your school  is looking for a state of the art LCD projector, I am pleased to inform you that the HITACHI corporation of North America agreed to offer their line of projectors at over 65% discount, through one of the major distribution center. Over 500 Seventh-day Adventist churches and schools have already utilized our services to buy a HITACHI video projector.


         Let me explain briefly how the arrangement with HITACHI was made.   During the past two years I have bought five different video projectors to present my popular PowerPoint SABBATH and ADVENT SEMINARS.  I was looking for the best video projector on the market for my itinerant ministry around the world.


         After buying and trying over a 20 LCD projectors, including SONY, IN-FOCUS, PROXIMA, PANASONIC, EPSON, AND SANYO, I was introduced by a pastor to the HITACHI 2000 lumens projector that his church had just bought.  I found it outstanding and, outperforming all the other projectors of the same lumens that I have tried. I bought one immediately and started using for my weekend seminars.


         Many of the churches were so impressed by the outstanding performance of my HITACHI projector, that they asked me to help them purchase one at a reasonable price.  I contacted the HITACHI corporation of North America and I told the marketing manager that I am their best field representative, since I use and promote their projectors every weekend.


         HITACHI saw the light and they decided to authorize me to offer their projectors directly through one of their major North America Distribution Center.  The special price is  over  65% discount on the factory suggested retail price. You can read below the list of their projectors together with the special price. This means that your church or school can purchase any of the dozen models of HITACHI projectors ranging from 1200 to 4500 lumens at an incredible low price.


        The two HITACHI projectors that I highly recommend are  CP-X328  2000 lumens and the brand new CP-S420 2700 lumens. Here is a brief description of each one of them.




         The HITACHI CP-X328 XGA HIGH RESOLUTION, 2000 LUMENS, came out few months ago and has  WON THE 2004 AWARD for the 2000 lumens category. The projector has a wide angle lens and a marvellous luminous picture. This projector weighs only 6 pounds and it is ideal for people who need a portable projector to take along with them in their travels.  I have used this projector with great satisfaction until June 2004 for my itinerant ministry around the world. Over 400 Adventist churches have already bought this projector.


         The manufactured suggested retail price of this projector is $7495.00, but HITACHI has reduced the price four times because of the large number of orders (300 plus) received from our Adventist churches. The latest special price is only $1795.00. The price includes a three years HITACHI warrantee that will replace the projector with a temporary one if a malfunction shuld occur.





         The 2700 LUMENS HITACHI PROJECTOR CP-S420 is brand new. I tested this projector for the first time on June 28, 2004 and was truly amazed by its performance.  This projector will thrill pastors who have been looking for a low-cost PROJECTOR, able to compete with the large amount of light present in their sanctuary.


         I first tested the new 2700 LUMENS HITACHI projector CP-S420  in my well-lighted office which has 8 florescent lights and a large sliding door opening on the outdoor. The picture was great inspite of the outdoor and indoor light.


         Churches that need to compete with large amounts of outdoor and indoor light, find  the new 10 pounds,  2700 LUMENS HITACHI CP-S420 to be their ideal the solution. There will be no longer a need to close the blinds and turn off some of the lights to improve the quality of the image. This projector performs brilliantly in a well-lighted environment. This is the projector that I am now using for my weekend PowerPoint seminars.


         The manufactured suggested retail price of this 2700 Lumens projector is $7495.00, but I persuaded HITACHI to reduce the price to only $2,195.00.  I reasured HITACHI that many churches will take advantage of this great offer for such an outstanding projector. The price difference between the 2000 and 2700 lumens projectors is only $400.00Ņa difference worth paying for a much better picture in a well-lighted environment.  The price includes a three years HITACHI warrantee that will replace the projector with a temporary one if a malfunction shuld occur.


         The procedure to order a projector is very simple.  You send me your order by email, phone (269-471-2915) or fax (269-978-6898).  Once I receive your order, I will pass it on directly to the major HITACHI distributor, who will FEDEX the projector directly to your address.  It is as simple as that. Your order will be processed on the same day we receive it.

         If your church is interested in a smaller or larger model, below is a partial the list of the HITACHI PROJECTORS that are available. They are listed with both the suggested Manufactured Suggested Retail Price and the special discount that HITACHI offers to our churches. You can see that the discount is over 65%.  The projector I heartily recommend is the new HITACH CP-X328W XGA 2000 lumens that I use every weekend


Model Res.               Brightness            Weight      MSRP      Your Price 

CP-S210W   SVGA  1200 Lumens        6. 5 lbs      $4,495      $1,200.00

CP-S318W   SVGA   2000 lumens        6 lbs          $5,495      $1,600.00      

CP-S420      SVGA   2700 lumens        9.9 lbs       $7,495      $2,195..00


CP-X275W  XGA     1200 Lumens     5 lbs            $4,495         $1,550.00

CP-X328W  XGA     2000 lumens      6 lbs            $7,495         $1,795.00 

CP-X430W  XGA     2500 Lumens     9.9 lbs         $8,995         $2,425.00   

CP-X880W  XGA     3000 Lumens     12.6 lbs       $10,995       $3,200.00

CP-X885W  XGA     3500 Lumens     12.6 lbs       $12,995       $3,400.00

CP-X1200   XGA     3500 Lumens     17 lbs          $13,495       $3,500.00

CP-X995W  XGA     4500 Lumens     14.3 lbs       $13,995       $4,300.00

CP-X1250   XGA     4500 Lumens     17 lbs          $14,495        $4,600.00 

          If your church is interested in one of these projectors, f eel free to call me at home at (269) 471-2915 or on my cellular at (269) 208-1942.


         I look forward to help your church purchase a state of the art video projector at a bargain price.


Christian regards


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