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(BP15) The Christian & Rock Music
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$25.00 Regular Price - A generation ago there was almost universal agreement that rock music, in whatever version, was inappropriate for church worship and evangelism. Today "Christian" rock is fast replacing traditional music and instruments across denominational churches. In many churches today "praise bands" have replaced the choir, the projection of overheads has replaced the hymn books, synthesizers have replaced organs, and drums and guitars have taken their place in the repertoire of church music instrumentation. Some people see these changes as a divine blessing, others as a satanic curse. There seems to be no neutrality on this issue. People are getting very hot under the collar as they defend their particular position. Often the arguments generate more heat than light, reflecting personal taste or culture rather than a grasp of the biblical principles of music. In The Christian and Rock Music: A Study of Biblical Principles of Music, seven scholars of six different nationalities take a calm, balanced, and biblical look at the use of popular music for worship and evangelism. With one exception, all the contributors are trained musicians with academic degrees, passionately involved in enriching the worship experience of their congregations through their music. This book has two major objectives. The first is to help people understand the true nature of rock music and what are some of the problems in transforming it into a medium for Christian worship and evangelism. The second is to define those biblical principles that should guide people in making good musical choices. The aim of this symposium is not to dismiss all contemporary music as "rock," because there are contemporary songs with music and words are suitable for divine worship. Rather, the aim is to clarify how the music, words, and the manner of singing should conform to the Biblical principle of worship music. Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, the Bible clearly differentiates between the secular music used for social entertainment and the sacred music worthy of the worship of God. Music and instruments associated with entertainment were not allowed in the Temple, synagogue, or early church. The same should be true in the church today. The Christian and Rock Music is a most timely book for today. It clearly delineates the issues and provide biblical answers to the problems which have caused so many Christians to stumble. For concerned Christians, this book may well be a musical survival kit in our compromising society.

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