In the second volume of God’s Festivals Dr. Bacchiocchi examines the typical nature and the antitypical fulfillment of the feasts of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles. The study shows how the Fall Feasts of Israel reveal the unfolding of the events leading to the consummation of redemption. Bible students interested in End-time prophecies will find this book of great value, because it offers valuable insights into the prophetic message of the Book of Revelation.

The procedure followed throughout the book is first to establish the typical nature and meaning of the feasts in the Old Testament and then to trace their antitypical fulfillment in the New Testament. The study traces the historical, Christological, ecclesiological, and eschatological fulfillment of the Fall Feasts through Biblical and Christian history.

Dr. Bacchiocchi shows how the feasts of Israel have both a commemorative and prefigurative function. They commemorate past events of Israel’s history, but they also prefigure future events of the unfolding of salvation history. God chose to reveal through the Spring and Fall Feasts of ancient Israel, the unfolding of salvation history, from its inauguration at Christ’s first Advent to its consummation at the second Advent.

You will find that these two books will give you a fuller understanding of the major events leading to the consummation of redemption. They will help you to better conceptualize and internalize the reality of salvation typified by the Holy Days. They will offer you new insights on how the typology of the Fall Feasts reveals the major events leading to the establishment of God’s Kingdom.

Five of the eight chapters can be accessed by clicking their titles below:

Festival Typology

The Feast of Trumpets in the Old Testament

The Feast of Trumpets in the New Testament

The Day of Atonement in the Old Testament

The Day of Atonement in the New Testament


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