Popular Beliefs: Are They Biblical?
was born out of the frequent discussions with Christians of different denominations about their beliefs. Participants at my weekend seminars as well as subscribers to my Endtime Issues Newsletter often ask me: Why are some of my beliefs biblically wrong? How can some of my beliefs be unbiblical, when they are held in common by the vast majority of Christians?

To answer questions such as these, I have devoted thirty years of my life researching and writing 18 books which examine some of today’s popular beliefs from a biblical perspective. Furthermore, a large number of the 200 Endtime Issues Newsletters which I have emailed during the past 10 years to over 35,000 subscribers, examine popular beliefs historically and biblically. This book represents an expansion of these studies which are readily accessible at www.biblicalperspectives.com/endtimeissues/

What motivated me to spend one year of my life to research and write this book is the increasing demand for a study that can help sincere and open-minded Christians to test the validity of their beliefs on the basis of the normative authority of the Bible.

More and more Christians today are questioning the biblical validity of some of their denominational beliefs. They want to find out for themselves if what they believe is based on biblical teachings or church traditions. This book has been written with an earnest desire to help Christians of all persuasions to “come out” of the Babylonian confusion of popular but unbiblical beliefs, and accept God’s glorious plan for our present life and our future destiny.


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