Several people have encouraged me to make available  my popular lectures on MP3 AUDIO disks. Being an old-timer slow in catching up with the latest technology, it took me sometime to prepare this recording. The Good News is that this important  project has finally been completed.  Now, for the first time you can listen in two MP3 AUDIO disks, to 22 popular lectures on Marriage, Music, Temperance, Dress, Sabbath, Second Advent, and others.


            MP3 AUDIO disks can be played on computers with CD drives, DVD players, MP3 players, newer CD players, and iPod. The advantage of MP3 disks is twofold. First, the sound is clearer than that of audio cassettes. Second, one MP3 disk can holds 11 one-hour audio cassettes. This means that instead of carrying 3 bulky audio albums with 22 audio cassettes, you can have all my lectures in a slim elegant case with two MP3 AUDIO disks.


            The regular price for the attractive case containing 2 MPS disks is $150.00, but until December 31, 2004 the special introductory offer is only $50.00, airmail expenses included.


            You can order the two MP3 AUDIO DISKS containing 22 lectures in four ways:


            ONLINE:  by clicking HERE

            PHONE:  by calling us at:  (269) 471-2915

            EMAIL:  by contacting us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            MAIL:  by sending your order to: Biblical Perspectives,

            4990 Appian Way, Berrien Springs, MI 49103.

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