There is a boom today in Christian literature dealing with Biblical prophecies on the end of the world. Much of this literature treats the prophecies with either skepticism or sensationalism. The result is that many ordinary Christians are either abandoning their hope in the return of Christ, or becoming excessively preoccupied with watching for imminent events which are supposed to bring about Armageddon.

In the book The Advent Hope for Human Hopelessness, Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi endeavors to meet the dual challenge of skepticism and sensationalism, by presenting a balanced Biblical analysis of many vital topics related to the Second Advent.

Some of the significant questions examined are: How did the Advent Hope originate and develop in Biblical history? What is the nature and function of the Advent signs? Which Advent signs are finding an unprecedented fulfillment in our times? Can the 1948 establishment of the State of Israel be legitimately viewed as a major Advent sign of our times?

The Advent Hope for Human Hopelessness is an important book for the crucial times in which we live. It will help you to find meaning and courage in the assurance of the Blessed Hope while living among the uncertainties and trouble of this present world.


Five of the sixteen chapters can be accessed by clicking their titles below:

The Imminence and Distance of the Advent Hope

The Nature and Function of the End-time Signs

The End-time Sign of Divine Grace

The Investigative Judgment

The Consummation of the Advent Hope


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