Last January 16-17-18, 2004, a TV crew taped 10 of my popular PowerPoint presentations on the Sabbath and Second Advent before a capacity crowd at the brand new Michiana-FilAm SDA Church at Andrews University. These messages have inspired countless congregations across North America and overseas. You can preview five of these timely messages, simply by clicking here You will be able to view several minutes of each lecture, which is illustrated with over 100 PowerPoint slides.


            The SABBATH/ADVENT SEMINARS consist of 10 one-hour lectures cover the following topics:  the gripping story of Dr. BacchiocchiÕs search for the Sabbath at a Vatican University in Rome; the discoveries he made in Vatican libraries on the change from Sabbath to Sunday in early Christianity;  practical principles on how to keep the Sabbath to experience ChristÕs rest and peace in our lives;  an update report on the most recent Sabbath/Sunday developments; an informative Bible Study on the certainty and imminence of ChristÕs Return; a practical meditation on how to live in the joyful expectancy of a soon-coming Savior; and a sacred concert entitled THE SABBATH IN SONGS. With the help of two gifted lyric tenors, Dr. Bacchiocchi presents the message and blessings of the Sabbath for today.


            The 10 PowerPoint presentations on the Sabbath and Second Advent are packaged in an attractive album containing 5 video tapes. At present we have an overstock of the SABBATH/ADVENT VIDEO ALBUM, because there has been a greater demand for the DVD version of the recording. To reduce our inventory, we are offering for one time only, the attractive VIDEO ALBUM containing 10 one-hour PowerPoint messages on the Sabbath and Second Advent, for only $35.00, mailing expenses included, instead of the regular bookstore price of $150.00.  This represents 75% discount.


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