This offer may sound too good to be true. For the first time we are offering together as a package all the 14 DVD/CD albums which contains 41 live, video lectures for only $150.00, instead of $1400.00.


         This package contains 41 professionally recorded live, video lectures with all the lectures of Prof. Bacchiocchi, Prof. Jon Paulien, Prof. Roy Gane, Prof. Graeme Bradford, and Soprano Cristina Piccardi.


         Until now these recordings were sold separately, costing considerably more.  But to make it possible for many to benefit from all these timely messages, we offer them together as a package for only $150.00, instead of the regular price of $1400.00. 


         You can view the picture of all the 14 ALBUMS and read a detailed description of them, just by clicking at this link




1)  PROF. BACCHIOCCHI AND CRISTINA PICCARDI'S DVD Album with Sabbath Seminar with Words and Songs recorded at the Loma Linda SDA church.


         The DVD Album consists of 3 DVD disks containing a total of 6 hours of recording, that is, the Cristina Piccardi's singing and my preaching done on Friday evening, Sabbath morning, and Sabbath afternoon.  


          The Friday evening program begins with Cristina's mini Sacred Concert, and is followed by my testimony entitled "My Search for the Sabbath at a Vatican University. This is a gripping testimony delivered with 100 powerpoint slides. I share how the Lord opened the door for me to research and publish my dissertation From Sabbath to Sunday at a Vatican University in Rome and since then to share the message of the Sabbath in many countries.


         On Sabbath morning Cristina leads the Praise Songs and then she sings "The Lord's Prayer" before my sermon.  My powerpoint sermon "The Sabbath as a Time for Service," offers practical principles on how to keep the Sabbath to gain a greater blessing out of it.  


          The Sabbath afternoon program is divided into two parts. In the first part Cristina offers a sacred concert and in the second part I deliver my final lecture entitled "The Sabbath Under Crossfire." This lecture offers an update report on the latest Sabbath/Sunday developments.  


         You can enjoy this informative and inspiring 6 hours seminar in the privacy of your home or church, without having to travel long distances or investing money to fly us in.



2) PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S newly recorded DVD powerpoint lecture  called ABUNDANT LIFE SEMINAR.  



        The DVD album contains 2 video powerpoint lectures: The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages and How to Build a Happy and Lasting Marriage. These two lectures summarize the highlights of Bacchiocchi's two books Wine in the Bible and The Marriage Covenant.


         In the first lecture, The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages,  Dr. Bacchiocchi boldly challenges the prevailing misconception that the Bible teaches the moderate use of fermented wine, by showing that the Bible consistently teaches total abstinence as a divine imperative.


         This lecture, delivered in a clear and popular way with 125 powerpoint slides, may well provoke a revolution in the attitude of many Christians toward alcoholic beverages. It may lead many to realize that when we accept the biblical teaching that alcoholic beverages abuse us, then we will stop arguing about the virtue of not abusing them.


         In the second lecture, How to Build a Happy and Lasting Marriage, Dr. Bacchiocchi challenges Christians to reject the secularization and easy-dissolution of marriage, by accepting instead the biblical view of marriage as sacred life-long covenant.


         The lecture is delivered with the help of 100 powerpoint slides and presents ten biblical principles for building a happy and lasting marriage. This popular presentation has been well-received by congregations in different parts of the world and has strengthen many Christian homes.



3) PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S DVD ALBUM containing 10 video powerpoint lectures on the SABBATH/ADVENT SEMINAR.



        This DVD album contains 10 live and dynamic PowerPoint presentations on the Sabbath and Second Advent. With the help of about 1000 slides, I share the highlights of my Sabbath/Sunday research done at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.


         You will be able to see some of the significant documents and pictures of the popes who played a leading role in changing the Sabbath to Sunday. You will be inspired also by the practical meditations on how to keep the Sabbath to gain the greatest blessings out of it.


         You can enjoy in the privacy of your home these informative and inspiring lectures, which I present every weekend in different parts of the world. Many have told me that this album has proven to be the most powerful tool to witness to friends about the Sabbath.



4) PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S DVD ALBUM on CRACKING THE DA VINCI CODE.   The DVD was  professionally recorded with a virtual studio as a background.



        The DVD ALBUM on Cracking the Da Vinci Code contains two lectures, which examine the absurd allegations of Dan Brown and his strategies to lead people away from the true worship of God to the neo-pagan worship of the sacred-feminine.


         The Da Vinci Code is much more than a novel.  It is a social phenomenon that is shattering the faith of millions of Christians by blatantly attacking the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. In many ways this is a blasphemous and sacrilegious novel that insults God, Christ, the Gospels, the Bible, and fundamental Christian teachings.


         You will find this DVD recording of Cracking the Da Vinci Code,  intriguing, informative and challenging. It addresses a host of questions, including the alleged role of Constantine in changing the Sabbath to Sunday. Since we live in a visual society, I invested a lot of time and efforts looking for pictures related to each topic discussed. The album includes also a separate file with the 135 powerpoint slides that I used for the lecture.






         With the help of 195 beautiful slides, these two DVD lectures examine the various past and present interpretations of the Mark and Number of the Beast.


         The study was commissioned by Prof. Jon Paulien, Chairman of the NT Department at Andrews University Theological Seminary, and Prof. Ranko Stefanovich, Professor of NT and author of the widely acclaimed Commentary on Revelation.  They specifically asked me to trace the origin and historical usage of the number 666 and the papal title Vicarious Filii Dei. I shared my findings with their three seminary classes on Revelation.


         The response surpassed my fondest expectations. Over 150 persons who attended the lecture ordered the DVD recording of he lecture.


         Perhaps the major contribution of this study is to help believers appreciate more fully, not only the centrality of this prophecy in the literary structure book of Revelation, but also what the prophecy tells us about the final diabolical attempt to enforce false worship through the unholy trinity represented by a dragon, sea-beast, and land-beast.






        This CD-ROM album consists of two disks. The first disk contains all my 18 books and over 200 articles, for a total of about 7000 pages of research that I have produced during the past 30 years of biblical investigation. With the Global Acrobat search engine you can find immediately what I have written on any given text or topic.


         The second disk contains all my popular PowerPoint seminars presentations on the Sabbath Second Advent, Marriage, Drinking, Dress, Music, etc. Each lecture consists of about 100 PowerPoint slides, for a total of 2000 slides. The text explaining each slide is provided separately and can be printed when needed. This makes it possible for any person to use and modify my lectures. To prepare all the art-work I spent over 2000 hours.


         This CD ALBUM offers a vast amount of information and art work that you will find most helpful whenever you need to prepare a Bible Study or a talk.



 7) PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S DVD ALBUM on THE PASSION OF CHRIST  that was recorded live on a 3ABN interview.



        This DVD album contains  the two hours interview conducted by 3ABN on my book The Passion of Christ in Scripture and History.


         Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ has led millions of viewers to believe that the movie faithfully portrays the Gospel's accounts of Christ's Passion. The claim is grossly inaccurate. In my book The Passion of Christ in Scripture and History I show that that this movie is a strict Catholic film that in a subtle and deceptive way promotes fundamental Catholic heresies.


         This DVD will help you to distinguish between what is biblical and what is unbiblical in Gibson's portrayal of Christ's Passion. More important still, this recording will help you appreciate more fully the Passion of Christ as His passionate love to redeem us from the penalty (Gal 3:13) and the power of sin (Titus 2:14) through His sacrificial death.



8) PROF. BACCHIOCCHI'S  MP3 AUDIO ALBUM which contains 2 disks with 22 AUDIO LECTURES


Software: Microsoft Office


       This MP3 AUDIO ALBUM contains two disks with 22 audio lectures on Marriage, Music, Temperance, Dress, Sabbath, Second Advent, State of the Dead, and others. You can enjoy these lectures while driving, working, or relaxing.


         MP3 AUDIO disks can be played on computers with CD drives, DVD players, MP3 players, newer CD players, and iPod. The advantage of MP3 disks is twofold. First, the sound is clearer than that of audio cassettes. Second, one MP3 disk can holds the equivalent of 11 one-hour audio cassettes. This means that instead of carrying 3 bulky audio albums with 22 audio cassettes, you can have all my lectures in a slim elegant case with two MP3 AUDIO disks.



9) PROF. JON PAULIEN'S newly released DVD ALBUM video seminar on Simply Revelation.



       Prof. Paulien  is rightly regarded as a leading Adventist authority on the book of Revelation which he has taught at the Andrews Theological Seminary for the past 25 years. His doctoral dissertation as well as several of his books deal specifically with the Book of Revelation.


         The preparation for this video recording took several months. The Simply Revelation seminar consists of four one-hour live video lectures, which have just been recorded in the studio of Andrews University. An impressive virtual studio provides the background of the lectures. Each lecture is delivered with about 50 powerpoint slides.  I have spent long hours looking for suitable pictures to illustrate the text of each slide in order to enhance the visual effect of each lecture.


         The four lectures focus on the essential messages of Revelation and their relevance for today. This mini Revelation seminar will offer you and your congregation fresh insights into the Book of Revelation. Encourage your pastor to present this newly released Simply Revelation Seminar with your congregation


         You will be pleased to know that we have placed on a separate file all the powerpoint slides and text used for the live video presentations. Each slide has the script of the live lecture.  This means that any pastor or  lay member can take from Prof. Paulien's Simply Revelation Seminar, the powerpoint slides they like. We have placed the file with the slides on Prof. Paulien CD ALBUM, because there was no space left on the DVD disks.



10) PROF. JON PAULIEN'S CD ALBUM with all his books and articles.



       Until now Prof. Paulien's published  books and articles were seldom found at local ABC stores.  In view of my indebtedness to Prof. Paulien's scholarship, I have offered to help him to place all of his books and articles on a CD disk.  This makes it possible with the ACROBAT global search, to locate immediately what he has written on biblical texts or current topics.


         The new CD-ROM contains a dozen of books and scores of articles written by Prof. Paulien during the past 25 years of research.  You will find in this collection a priceless resource to enrich your understanding and experience of biblical truths. Prof. Paulien examines fundamental biblical beliefs in a profound and yet popular way.  He is a recognized expert on the book of Revelation. Several of his books will help you to unlock the secrets of Revelation.



11) PROF. GRAEME BRADFORD'S DVD ALBUM with a two hours video lecture on Ellen White. 



        The DVD disk contains Prof. Graeme Bradford's two popular  powerpoint lectures, in which he summarizes the highlights of his book More than a Prophet. The lecture was recorded at the Avondale College Media Center in Australia. With the help of 75 slides, he discusses in an open and objective way the major issues related to the prophetic ministry of Ellen White. This lectures clears the air of prevailing misconceptions about Ellen White which have caused thousands of Adventists to leave church. Listening to this dynamic, visual presentation will enhance your appreciation for the gift of prophecy manifested in the writings, preaching, and teachings of Ellen White.


         The CD disk offers a searchable data base of most of Prof. Graeme Bradford published and unpublished writings. It includes also the latest book More than a Prophet.  During the past 30 years, he has written books and articles on a wide variety of subjects such as occultism, near death experiences, Israel in Prophecy, expository preaching, kids and drugs, the Bible and Archeology, and endtime prophecies. His articles always offer a refreshing biblical perspective on current issues.






         The DVD contains four live video lectures on the relevance of the message of the sanctuary for today.You will learn how to get in touch with Jesus in the Heavenly Sanctuary where He is working to bring to completion His redemptive mission.  Prof. Gane is righly recognized an Adventist authority on the sanctuary which he currently teaches at Andrews University Theological Seminary.






         THIS DVD ALBUM entitled SING UNTO THE LORD contains 12  sacred familiar songs that were recorded during a live sacred concert at Andrews University Pioneer Memorial Church. This is a video recording that you can enjoy in your living room and play in your church. Cristina's powerful and passionate singing will touch your heart and elevate your spirit





         The SACRED CONCERT is entitled By His Grace consists of 16 sacred familiar songs that cover the major themes of God's creative and redemptive love. Her marvellous singing will touch your heart and inspire you to devote your life more fully to the Savior.






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