Dear Fellow Believer:
Many Adventists who bought over 1200 HITACHI projectors at a substantially discounted price, asked me if I could help them to purchase also a laptop computer at a reduced price.
In response to these requests, I contacted the TOSHIBA corporation of North America, asking for a special discount on ONE of their professional lap tops models of the TECRA secries. You will be pleased to learn that after considerable negotiations, TOSHIBA has agreed to offer a substantial discount to our Seventh-day Adventist members, pastors, teachers, and students.

In choosing TOSHIBA lap tops I relied heavily on experts who reassured me that TOSHIBA makes among the best laptops in the market. They have a reputation of reliability and brilliant performance.

TOSHIBA markets two kinds of lap tops. A cheaper model for the general consumer and a more expensive model for professional people. The consumer model is called SATELLITE, and is sold at COSCO, BEST BUY, CIRCUIT CITY, etc. I decided against this consumer model because our pastors, teachers, students and Adventist professionals deserve a faster, more reliable, and better equipped lap top.

The professional model of TOSHIBA is called TECRA. It is is engineered for reliability and longevity. It comes in different configurations. To simplify my task and your choice, I have asked TOSHIBA to configure one basic new model called TECRA A8. The TECRA A8 has just come on the market with a new much faster dual processor. It arrived in the USA for the first time on June 27, 2006.

SDA special price: $895.00