The Great Controversy Experience

 First Century Christianity

by P. Gerard Damsteegt, Ph. D.,

Professor of Church History

Andrews University Theological Seminary

An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM

for Windows and Macintosh


       Have you wondered how the Great Controversy played out in the life of the Apostolic Church?   You will be pleased to learn about this amazing interactive multimedia CD-ROM designed to help you to capture in a visual way the conflict between ChristŐs followers and the Roman Empire during the first century.


       With exciting details you will experience the first-century conflicts involving Jesus Christ, the apostles, and early believers; the fall of Jerusalem; and the first persecutions. You will see rich, three-dimensional art, with on-site 360 degree panorama virtual reality scenes. You can also explore the colorful maps, varied illustrations, and an exciting interactive encyclopedia of persons, places, and events connected with Bible history and prophecy.


       This unforgettable experience, complete with original music, will give you new insights into the powers that ultimately are in control of this world. It will bring hope and courage in a world filled with endless strife and conflict.


A Word about the Producers


       The realization of this impressive project has been costly and laborious. Gerard Damsteegt, Ph. D., Professor of Church History at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, has conceived the project and worked at it diligently  with a team of experts during the past 8 years. The sacrificial labor of several  team members have contributed to the realization of this production."


       For many years Prof. Damsteegt has organized and directed The Great Controversy Tour across Europe. This valuable experience equipped him for this projects, having collected thousands of pictures that helps us see the unfolding of the Great Controversy.


       Once you begin to explore the incredible number of pictures, sounds, maps, libraries, and events brought to life with virtual reality dramatization, you will be overwhelmed by the painstaking work that has been done by a dedicated team of professionals during the past 8 years. Had it not been for the generous contribution of supporters who believed in this project, the cost of this interactive CD-ROM would be at least $200.00, instead of $65.00, mailing expenses included.


Total Freedom to Choose What You Want to See, Listen, or Study


       You will enjoy this interactive CD-ROM especially  for the total freedom it offers you  to choose what you want to see, listen, or study.  You may study as deeply as you desire. You may casually look  at the pictures and listen to the narration and music, or choose to learn more by clicking on links that allow you to examine full details and explanations of events or prophecies. You may elect to stay only in the display area, or spend hours or even months in the library reading and researching at your own pace. You are in full control.


       To make this experience possible a virtual museum has been created depicting the history of the Christian church in the first century AD. When you enter the lobby of the museum you have several choices: galleries, library, maps, and help desk.


Four Fascinating Displays


       Selecting the galleries leads you to four displays: The Jesus Display, the Apostles Display, the Destruction of Jerusalem Display, and the Persecutions Display. These four scenes were chosen because they will give the viewer one of the best and most comprehensive insights into the experience of first century Christianity.


       The Jesus Display introduces you to the prophecies of His birth, ministry, death, and resurrection, revealing the extraordinary nature of the Founder of the Christian church and His claims to be the Savior of the world.


       The Apostles Display gives you insights into the ministry of the apostles, from the time Jesus taught them, until the death of the last apostle near the end of the first century AD.


       The Destruction of Jerusalem Display gives a detailed explanation of the fulfillment of the prophecies about the fall of the Jewish capital in 70 AD at the end of the first Roman Jewish War.


       The Persecutions Display brings you into contact with the severe persecutions the early Christians experienced from the Jews, the Herodian kings, and the Roman Emperors Nero and Domitian.


Maps Sections


       You can select the map section by clicking the maps in the lobby or by clicking on the navigation bar map icon. The maps cover the major empires of Bible prophecy, ancient Israel from Persian times till the time of the apostles, and Rome in the days of Peter and Paul. When you move your cursor over the maps of the city of Rome or the Roman Forum, the cursor will change to a hand and pictures will appear on the map, giving you a view of the site as you see it today.


Six Prophetic Timelines


       There are six timelines that give the proper context of the experience of GodŐs people with the prophetic empires, They begin in the 6th Century BC at the time of Daniel, the prophet, and continue till the year 100 A. D. to provide helpful historical background for DanielŐs prophecies.


Original Music


       Original music, or fresh arrangements have been produced for the various scenes. The music provides the right mood and atmosphere for study and reflection on the actions of Providence in our world. This interactive CD-ROM will provide you with an experience you will never forget, giving you new insights into the powers that ultimately are in control of this world. Truly, it will bring hope and courage in a world that is involved in endless strife and conflict.


       The Great  Controversy Experience is a very useful tool for personal Bible study, evangelism, sharing GodŐs Word in small groups, for use in school or home school to lead people to Christ as the Savior of the World. It is a great help to anyone with a burden in getting involved in preparing men and women for Christ soon Return.


Price Information


         The price of the  Great  Controversy Experience on CD-ROM is only $.65.00, including mailing expenses to US destinations. For overseas airmailing the total cost is $70.00. Generous donations have made it possible to sell this interactive multimedia CD-ROM of The Great Controversy Experience at a bargain price. The CD-ROM has been designed for both Windows and Macintosh.


Four Ways to Order


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         May this captivating, multimedia presentation of The Great Controversy Experience  enrich your understanding and enhance your appreciation of how God is working out His redemptive plan in human history and in your personal life.