Revelation of Jesus Christ

Commentary on the Book of Revelation

by Ranko Stefanovic, Ph. D.

Professor of New Testament, Andrews University


         The prophetic message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is largely based upon the books of Daniel and Revelation. During the course of Adventist history, several commentaries have been written on the Book of Revelation. A common weakness of these past commentaries is their failure to present an accurate exegesis of the text. Part of the problem has been the inadequate lingistic, historical, and biblical knowledge needed to unpack the meaning of the text.


About the Author




         The author of this new Commentary on the Book of Revelation, is Ranko Stephanovic, Ph. D., Professor of New Testament at Andrews University. His passion for a deeper understanding of the Book of Revelation, led him to spend several years preparing a doctoral dissertation on the Book of Revelation. This commentary is the outgrowth of the doctoral dissertation which he presented and defended with distinction at the Andrews University Theological Seminary.


         Dr. Stephanovic  spent two years preparing this popular version of his dissertation. If you wish to understand the cryptic message of the Book of Revelation, you will be most grateful for this new Commentary on the Book of Revelation,which provides a wealth of information to unlock the meaning of problematic passages. This verse-by-verse commentary will help you to grasp the overall message of Revelation and its relevance for our endtime generation.


         Dr. Stephanovic gives depth to the interpretation of the text, because of his mastery of the Greek language and his familiarity of the biblical and extra-biblical sources. Both scholars and lay persons will find this verse-by-verse commentary enlightening and refreshing.


Comments by Scholars


         “The greatest contribution of this book is its rich background of Old Testament, New Testament, and extra-biblical material, which gives depth to the interpretation of the text. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Adventist commentary on Revelation.”--Beatrice Neall, Professor Emerita of Religion, Union College


         “The new exposition of John's Apocalypse by Dr. Stefanovic offers a serious effort to present a responsible exegesis of John's language in connection with that of the Old Testament prophets. This approach recommends itself to all who are searching for John's own intentions with his visions. All can benefit from this careful approach to the book of Revelation.”--Hans K. LaRondelle, Professor Emeritus of Theology, Andrews University


         “The quality of Stefanovic's work will speak for itself. No reader of the book can come away without a fresh perspective on the text--a perspective that may well completely transform the way one looks at the Apocalypse.”—From the Foreword by Jon Paulien, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University


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