This latest research project began when Prof. Jon Paulien, Chairman of the NT Department at Andrews University Theological Seminary, and Prof. Ranko Stefanovich, Professor of NT and author of the widely acclaimed Commentary on Revelation, invited me to investigate the question of The Mark and the Number of the Beast. The plan was for me to share my findings on Tuesday, November 8, 2005, with their three seminary classes on Revelation meeting on the same day. Both professors were eager for me to investigate the use of the papal title Vicarius Filii Dei–Vicar of the Son of God, both in official documents and on papal tiaras. The aim was to establish if the numerical value of the letters of this title, represent a legitimate interpretation of the number 666 (Rev 13:18).

Approximately 150 seminary students, plus numerous visitors attended the three lectures. With the help of 60 slides, I shared my preliminary findings on the numeric interpretation of the Number 666 of the Beast, especially as it relates to the papal title Vicarius Filii Dei.

The response surpassed my fondest expectations. Practically every person who attended the lectures, was eager to order the CD-ROM album. The CD-ROM disk consists of 195 slides with the respective explanatory script for each slides. This CD-ROM is ideal for pastors, evangelists, teachers, or any Adventist looking for slides and information to present a study on The Mark and Number of the Beast.

Many Adventists who learned about this research, asked me to make a video-recording of the lecture so that they could enjoy watching it in their homes and churches. To fulfill this request a TV crew recorded my powerpoint lecture at Andrews University Towers Auditorium on Wednesday evening, February 1, 2006. The lecture lasts a little over two hours. The attentive looks of the audience fire up my delivery with unprecedented enthusiasm. The response of those who attended it was most enthusiastic. Over 200 persons ordered the DVD album.

This has been a time consuming, but rewarding project. During the past five months I have worked an average of 17 hours a day on this project, getting up faithfully at 4:00 a. m. every morning. What took a lot of time has been, not only the investigation into the historical interpretations of the mark and number of the beast, but also the search for pictures of the items discussed: documents, inscribed tiaras, books, popes, Reformers, Adventist pioneers, and recent scholars who have examined this subject. I wanted to make this powerpoint presentation as visual as possible, because "seeing is believing." The powerpoint slides should prove to be a valuable resource for evangelists, pastors, and anyone engaged in sharing the prophetic message of Revelation.

With the help of beautiful slides, the study examines the various past and present interpretations of the mark and number of the Beast. I rejects the sensational interpretations of those who find the mark and number of the beast in the latest electronic developments in the commercial world: global banking, laser scanning, and the universal bar code. Such interpretations are the fruit of fertile imaginations, rather than of diligent analysis of the text in its proper context.

        The study shows that the Mark and Number of the Beast are essentially the same. They both represent the evil nature and character of the endtime Antichrist determined to enforce the false worship upon mankind. Revelation 13:17 clearly equates the mark with the name and number of the beast. This means that the three are essentially the same. They all represent the evil nature of the beast manifested in the enforcement of false worship.

        The battle in the final crisis, is not about external markings of people with barcodes, biochips, or pope's titles, but rather about the internal control of the mind of every human being. It is a battle over who will people worship: the true God or Satan. This battle is already in progress, affecting many people and churches. This visual presentation will encourage you to be faithful to God and to resist the deception of evil forces.

        I have taken this assignment seriously because I believe that this research can benefit not only Andrews University Seminary Students, but also thousand of pastors, teachers, evangelists, and probing Adventists who are seeking for a more satisfactory interpretation of The Mark and the Number of the Beast

Most Adventists have limited access to the latest research on the Mark and Number of the Beast, done by committed and competent Adventist scholars. Our General Conference sponsored a 10 years study, known as  Symposium on Daniel and Revelation, published in 7 volumes. Other significant studies on Revelation have been published recently. The most outstanding is the 670 pages Revelation of Jesus Christ, written by Seminary Prof. Ranko Stefanovich and published by Andrews University Press. Most Adventists are unfamiliar with these recent studies. The aim of this CD-ROM powerpoint presentation is to bring together and builds upon the latest Adventist research.

What makes this album with both a CD-ROM and a DVD disk on The Mark and the Number of the Beast UNIQUE, is the fact that it offers both a slide version and a live recording of the issues discussed. With the help of 195 slides, you will be able to see documents, popes, tiaras, Reformers, Adventist pioneers, authors, and significant books related to this study. Pastors, Bible teachers, evangelists, and Adventists who give Bible studies, will welcome this valuable resource.